Jelena Pantovic

Artist, Motion designer & Art educator.

Born in Serbia 1979. 

Based in Germany from 2012.

-2019-2020- Professional Certificate – Motion Design /Alfatraining Education Centre / Nuremberg, Germany.

-2016-2020. Master of Art, Art education, Philosophical faculty, Departmen for Art Education, Friedrich Alexander University, Nuremberg, Germany.

-2003. Diplom textil designer, Academy of Applied Arts, Art University, Belgrade, Serbia.

-1998.  High School of Arts & Crafts, Department for Conservation and Restoration , Sabac, Serbia.

Art projects: 

-2017.  Art Project of the Department of Art Education at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Diakonie Nürnberg.

Integration – development through the artistic processes
Art Coordinator / Art Education /

-2016. “Generation experiment 15-90 +”
Shaping The Future – Artistic Work In Dialogue .

Project of the Rotary Club Nürnberg-Kaiserburg with the city of Nuremberg.
Art Coordinator / Art Education /

Art workshops:

-2006-2003. ’Real Presence 3,4,5,6.’International Art workshops, Belgrade,Serbia.

Legacy House, Military Museum, Kalemegdan park, Gallery of Dom omladine, Gallery Remont, Belgrade, Serbia

-2005 . 51. Bienalle in Venice, Collateral events-RPFS. Giardini, Venice, Italy.

-2004. Humanitary Art workshop, as a help for gerontology center in Sabac, Serbia.

-2002 . Art workshop with Sweden art group “LOD” –Academy of applied art, Belgrade.Serbia

Personal exhibitions:

-2022 – EdelExtra Gallery, Nuremberg,Germany.

-2021 – Roßtal,Germany.

-2013 – Artist Galerija, Serbia.

-2004 – Corfy,Greece.

-2004 – National Library, Sabac, Serbia.

Group exhibitions:

I took a part in over thirty group exhibitions, some of which are:

-2024. “Word Catching”, Bologna, Italy

-2022. “Digital AIR: going live” , Gallery Edel Extra, Nuremberg, Germany

-2022. “Digital AIR: going live” , Center for Creative Industries (CCI), Moscow, Russia.

-2020.  ”Art in the Time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing”/ The Foundation Circle Foundation for the Arts/ Lyon, France.

-2017. XXVI traditional exhibition of drawings, Gallery of Cultural Center, Šabac, Serbia

-2016. International Triennal of Expanded Art Media/Triangle of Artist’s Initiative /Women’s Artistic Rights,Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric“, Belgrade, Serbia

-2015. Triennal of drawings and small plastics, Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric” Belgrade, Serbia

-2013. “Ingolstädter Bildermarkt”, Ingolstadt, Germany

-2011. – 20th ‘Mini-art’ exhibition, Gallery of Cultural Center, Šabac, Serbia

-2010. – XX Biennale of tapestry, Belgrade, Serbia.

-2010. – Triennial of tapestry, Novi Sad, Serbia.

-2010. – 54th October Saloon, National museum, Sabac, Serbia.

-2010. – Real Presence 10, Decade of International Art workshop, Belgrade, Serbia.

-2008. – Contemporary drawing -Henkel Art Award, Legacy House, Belgrade, Serbia

-2008. – 18th Biennale of tapestry, Gallery of Military museum, Belgrade.

-2008. – 15th Exhibition of drawings, Gallery of Cultural Center, Šabac, Serbia

-2006. – Drawing/Happening ,international happening. Gallery HAOS, Belgrade.Serbia

-2005. – Ehxibition of Association ULSŠ, National Museum, Pernik, Bulgary.

-2005. – Real Presence 5, International Art workshop, Museum of Applied art and Military Museum, Kalemegdan park, Belgrade.Serbia

-2005. –51. Venice Biennale, Collateral events-RPFS. Guardini, Venice,Italy.

-2005. –The first spring international Mini art Biennale, Gallery “Nikola the first”, Nikšić, Montenegro

-2005. – 37th May Salone, Museum 25th May, Belgrade, Serbia.

-2005. – Young artists exhibition, Vrbas , Serbia

-2004. – Exhibition of association ULSŠ, National Museum , Šabac, Serbia

-2004. – 11th Belgrade Mini art Scene, Singidunum Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

-2004. – 8th portrait exhibition, Gallery of Cultural Center, Šabac, Serbia

-2004. – Art workshop¨Drina 2004¨, Prnjavor., Serbia

-2003. – 47th October salone, Gallery of National museum, Šabac, Serbia